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26 Apr

How to Prevent Burst Pipes in Winter

By Brham Trim (Lethbridge) Pipes 2699 Views

The agonies of a cold Canadian winter can be harsh. Slippery roads, endless shoveling, and shorter days are depressing enough without burst pipes in the home causing even more heartache.

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12 Apr

Consider a Frost Free Faucet

By Brham Trim (Lethbridge) General Plumbing 2338 Views

Frost free outdoor faucets prevent the freezing of water lines during the cold weather months. The unit style also stops contaminated water from polluting your water system. In the past, people did not connect their outdoor faucets to the house....

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29 Mar

Washrooms in a Bubble

By Brham Trim (Lethbridge) Bathroom 860 Views

Initially known as the Ottawa Convention Centre, the new Shaw Centre opened in 2011 to instant acclaim for its unique ‘space age’ design. Having successfully established a unique identity among other convention centres around the world, the question that begs to be asked is: how are its bathrooms?

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15 Mar

Five Ways to Prevent Clogged Sewers

By Brham Trim (Lethbridge) General Plumbing 2361 Views

Most homeowners encounter problems with their sinks or toilets. Sometimes they get clogged, but the problem can easily be solved using cleaning solutions.

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15 Feb

Spring Plumbing Tips

By Brham Trim (Lethbridge) General Plumbing 2260 Views

The arrival of spring brings a refreshing emergence from the long, cold winter. Many homeowners breathe a sigh of relief—the risk of icy steps, frozen pipes, and other wintertime hazards are over.

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