Washrooms in a Bubble

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Washrooms in a Bubble

Initially known as the Ottawa Convention Centre, the new Shaw Centre opened in 2011 to instant acclaim for its unique ‘space age’ design. Having successfully established a unique identity among other convention centres around the world, the question that begs to be asked is: how are its bathrooms?

Located in a bubble-like sub-structure within the centre itself, the public restrooms forgo conventional doors in favour of curved entrances designed to trap noises and odours within. They also sport all the modern fittings that one would expect to see in a newly constructed convention hall.

However, where the Shaw Centre attempts to separate itself from the pack is in its dedication to being economically responsible. In its washrooms, this equates largely to its underground rain-water cistern that claims to reduce their water usage by up to 70%.

The next time you’re in Ottawa, why not try stopping by the convention centre for a look at its interior space-age bathroom bubble?