The Best Washroom in Alberta Crowned in Valleyview

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The Best Washroom in Alberta Crowned in Valleyview

At a population of less than 2,000 people and located 3 hours Northwest of Edmonton, Valleyview, Alberta may not be high on some people’s travel lists. Nevertheless, the town is home to perhaps the best public washroom in Alberta!

Just off the highway leading into the town lies the local Shell Superstation. Looking perhaps common to many travellers passing through, it contains a washroom fit for a palace, complete with elegant wooden doors, modern granite countertops, and even chandeliers on the ceiling! Using these facilities is reportedly such a pleasant experience that even locals go out of their way to stop by.

Perhaps, though, the biggest reason to be impressed by Valleyview Superstation’s luxury public washroom is that it is in a gas station. As even a casual traveller could attest, the average roadside service station restroom is rarely actually restful. Some can even be a waking nightmare! With Valleyview Superstation’s washroom standing on its own as a truly outstanding example of dedication to customer service, it’s fitting that it received the 2013 Canada’s Best Restroom award.

So the next time you find yourself on a road trip heading North, consider checking out Valleyview, if only for the local Superstation’s washroom.