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02 Mar

Five Ways to Prevent Clogged Sewers

By Brham Trim (Lethbridge) General Plumbing 1325 Views

Most homeowners encounter problems with their sinks or toilets. Sometimes they get clogged, but the problem can easily be solved using cleaning solutions.

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16 Feb

Using Smartphones in the Washroom

By Brham Trim (Lethbridge) General Plumbing 1049 Views

If you use your smartphone while using the washroom, you might be surprised to see some statistics on your favourite toilet pastime...

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02 Feb

Air Duct Cleaning Requires a Certified Cleaner

By Brham Trim (Lethbridge) General Plumbing 1457 Views

Several studies have shown that indoor air quality is frequently poor due to green home building methods. Therefore, you may need to have your residence’s duct-work cleaned periodically. When you hire a reputable company to clean your home’s ducts properly, the process may improve your health by eliminating mold...

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19 Jan

Ageing and Plumbing

By Brham Trim (Lethbridge) General Plumbing 1091 Views

More and more seniors opt to continue “living in place” or “ageing in place”. As defined in a document by the Canadian government, the term “ageing in place” means “having the health and social supports and services you need to live safely and independently in your home or your community for as long as you wish and are able”.

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22 Dec

Spring Plumbing Tips

By Brham Trim (Lethbridge) General Plumbing 1817 Views

The arrival of spring brings a refreshing emergence from the long, cold winter. Many homeowners breathe a sigh of relief—the risk of icy steps, frozen pipes, and other wintertime hazards are over.

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08 Dec

Plumbing Under Water

By Brham Trim (Lethbridge) General Plumbing 1213 Views

The Gentlemen Plumbers do their work on land rather than on the sea or in the water. However, sometimes, there are plumbing problems under the water. This calls for a diver plumber.

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13 Oct

Consider a Frost Free Faucet

By Brham Trim (Lethbridge) General Plumbing 1172 Views

Frost free outdoor faucets prevent the freezing of water lines during the cold weather months. The unit style also stops contaminated water from polluting your water system. In the past, people did not connect their outdoor faucets to the house....

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18 Aug

Preventing Plumbing Disasters

By Brham Trim (Lethbridge) General Plumbing 550 Views

Plumbing disasters strike the best of us, sometimes without warning. However, many can be averted simply through proper maintenance and regular inspection. Check out this infographic prepared by Beacon Plumbing in Seattle for simple tips and tricks to help you get the maximum life out of your home plumbing system...

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28 Apr

Our First Video Game

By Brham Trim (Lethbridge) General Plumbing 643 Views

Having a proven track record of delivering quality residential plumbing and heating service, we at the Gentlemen Plumbers are pleased to officially announce our new business venture: Video games.

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14 Apr

Mario and the Rise to Fame

By Brham Trim (Lethbridge) General Plumbing 741 Views

Ever since Nintendo introduced Mario in their video games, he has become the world’s most famous plumber, though we’re not actually sure if he knows how to plumb or not...

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