Lethbridge Plumbing Help / July 2018

20 Jul

British Phone Booth Washrooms in Calgary Restaurant

By Brham Trim (Lethbridge) Bathroom 969 Views

Customer service is expressed in many ways. At the Gentlemen Plumbers, we feel that a great way to judge a company’s attitudes towards its customers is to look at that company’s public washrooms. Facilities that are clean, well-designed, or just plain cool say a lot about a company’s identity and commitment...

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06 Jul

Plumbing Under Water

By Brham Trim (Lethbridge) General Plumbing 1630 Views

The Gentlemen Plumbers do their work on land rather than on the sea or in the water. However, sometimes, there are plumbing problems under the water. This calls for a diver plumber.

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